Thursday, September 30, 2010

ABOP Franken - Unnamed gray and Kleancolor - Concrete Grey

APPLICATION: Smooth on both
COATS: 2 of each
SOURCE: Franken: black, white and blue polishes from my stash, Kleancolor: beauty supply in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS: I frankened this dark gray polish about 3 weeks ago. However, I obviously forgot I had the color when I purchased the Kleancolor one last week! The Kleancolor polish is on my ring finger only. I love this shade. Nice and dark without being black or too vampy. However, I plan to top this with an amazing polish. I'll show that in my next post. (And yes, I use both spellings of gray/grey)


  1. Greys don't really do anything for me, but this one looks good on you.

  2. So crazy, huh? We really do gravitate towards the same colors... You hit this one dead on!

  3. It really looks great! Very much like Blue India from MAC

  4. ooh that looks like zoya kelly. i love that you put blue in it i wouldn't have thought to do that.


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