Thursday, September 30, 2010

LA Girl Rock Star - Supernova (with video)

COATS: 1 (layered over the dark gray from my previous post)
SOURCE: Swap with PenelopePitstopKYD (All Things Nails!) when we met downtown last week.
COMMENTS: I gasped when I saw this! Now I know not everyone is into glitter, let alone bar glitter, but this holo/prism micro bar glitter is fascinating. It makes my nails look like I have shards of glass in my polish. The bars are actually more prismatic indoors, and unfortunately there wasn't enough sunshine outdoors to show it in full sun. PHOTOS DON'T DO THIS JUSTICE - Please take a look at the video to see how amazing this is indoors!

The Video:


  1. this is beautiful! I cant seem to find this brand anywhere :(

  2. It's so pretty!! It looks like fireworks on your fingers!!!

  3. That looks gorgeous! I love bar personal favorite is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight.

  4. Work it, work it, work it! I am sooo happy Supernova found and loving home :) TTYS...

  5. @Samantha: I've only seen this brand in independent beauty supply stores. They also have a site you can purchase from:

  6. LOL at this. I ordered it a few weeks back and am getting ready to swatch it. I love the look of this and for some weird reason it reminds me of wearing a fur coat on my nails. Awesome!

  7. Hallo!

    Da du regelmäßiger Leser meines Blogs bist, hier eine kleine Erinnerung: Meine Lackserie ist nun vorbei und es gibt einige Fragen, mit denen ich sie auswerten möchte. Außerdem geht es in dieser „Umfrage“ um eine eventuelle Umstrukturierung meines Blogs. Deine Meinung ist gefragt, also schau doch einfach mal rein und nimm dir kurz Zeit, damit ich den Blog weiterhin nach euren Wünschen gestalten kann.

    Liebste Grüße

  8. OMG WISHLIST right nowsies! Thanks for referring me to this post for a closer look! :)

  9. Hahaha. I have this... and hate it. Wish I could get my money back. I think it's just a matter of taste though. It just won't spread evenly on my nails. Any tips?

  10. @Diedre the Bloggette: Your profile doesn't have contact info, so I'm responding here! You're right, glitters like this can be unsightly. I try to limit myself to one coat when I use them, and apply them quickly without too much overlapping (which causes clumping). Since I only use one layer, I definitely try to start the mani with a coordinating base color (some people like these over black too).
    This time last year I definitely wouldn't have tried a polish like this, but I think they're great as an accent. I have another post HERE where I used a micro bar glitter as an accent. Hope this helps!


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