Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Salon Perfect - Olive turned into a tape mani

SOURCE: Salon Perfect - Olive: Walmart,
Fingerpaints - Cordur-Orange and Catwalk Queen: Sally Beauty Supply
COMMENTS: As much as I liked this color, it was a bit dark on me, so needed some extra color. I knew I wanted the orange, but the idea for the dots came after I had put on the orange. The additions really brightened it up!

And because some of you asked for a tutorial on my last taped chevron mani, I took some extra photos. Scotch tape below:

Taped off the section:

Painted on the orange:

After removing the tape - not very pretty, but topcoat will smooth it all out:

All taped up and done:

Added two dots, one inside the other. For some reason I couldn't find my dotting tools, so I just used a toothpick - one of those with a rounded side and just one pointy tip. I used the rounded side for the larger dot and the tip for the smaller one.:

And finally, a nice thick coat of topcoat:



  1. AWESOME!!!! And the dots make the whole thing Perfecto!

  2. Reminds me of an olive stuffed with pimentos. I like it!

  3. This is so pretty! Very original too.
    And LOL at the comment above, Seneca is right :-)

  4. oh I LOVE this, might have to try! I'm so fancying olives right now too, after Seneca's comment! x

  5. I like the contrast in colors, very eye catching.

  6. Very cute. I haven't seen these at my Walmart is this a new brand?

  7. I love the colors! This looks great!


  8. I love that green! But the orange makes it very cool !

  9. Love it!
    It looks very military to me :)

  10. Oh wow, I really love this. My grandma's name is Olive and she would get such a kick out of this design. :)

  11. I like it ;-D
    It's look so beautiful


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