Friday, October 21, 2011

Sally Hansen New Lengths - Steel Creme

APPLICATION | APLICACIÓN: A little difficult because it was watery. **Un poco difícil porque estaba aguado**
SOURCE | ORIGEN: Dollar Tree
COMMENTS | COMENTARIOS: I wanted to use one of my old polishes and this one caught my eye. It's a beautiful color but took much longer to dry - even with my quick dry top coat.
** Yo quería usar una de mis esmaltes antiguos y éste captó mi atención. Es un color hermoso, pero tomó mucho más tiempo para secar - aun con mi capa final seca rápido. **

Here with 1 and 2 coats ** Aquí, con 1 y 2 capas ** :

With topcoat ** Con capa final ** :


  1. Perfect fall color, I love it, how come u did not stamp it girl?

  2. Muy bonito el color, lo has probado para estampar?

  3. @Jossie: With the extra coat and amount of time this took to dry, there was no time to wait for it to firm up enough for stamping.

    @redsonja: No, porque seca muy lentamente.

    @Anonymous: Yes, I'm married into a Spanish-speaking family and need to start working on speaking more of it. Google translate helps a lot too though, lol! Haven't figured out how to write my posts so it's easier for everyone to read, but will eventually.

  4. Love the color and your skin tone, but drying time is a must for me, I need to be in and out!

  5. I'm loving the bilingualness. Too bad about the terrible formula. It's my experience that the whole line dries slowly. :( Except perhaps the ones in the $8 line, but yeah, whatever. :P

  6. It does look really good with your skin tone, and the Spanish is fun...wish I had more opportunity to practice-I have a family member from Mexico.

  7. This is such a nice gray color . Looks very creamy .


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