Friday, October 14, 2011

Maybelline - Matte Blue

APPLICATION: Somewhat lumpy because the polish dries so quickly
TOPCOAT?: Not until after stamping
SOURCE: Matte Blue: Part of my blog giveaway winnings from Paillette: a little nail polish journal
  Stamping polish (Avon Mirror Shine - Glisten):
COMMENTS: I was excited to try the Maybelline mattes that I won (in spite of the fact that I own a different mattes myself (green), but haven't worn it yet, lol!). After swatching them on a nail wheel, I decided to start with this one, which although it shows brush strokes, has a gorgeous brushed metal look.

You can see my application flaws in this photo:

Much better here:

In the shade:

Super fabulous at a distance!

Stamped with Avon Mirror Shine - Glisten, and with one coat of topcoat:

The design sometimes looked like circuits, lol! I liked this mani!


  1. I have this one & I love it! Very unique.

  2. Wow!!
    You ROCK it!
    That stamp!
    I am so glad you are enjoying this!
    Man, that color really looks so wonderful on you!

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  4. The color is so beautiful. I love the design very much.

  5. Such a nice color!
    I love it!
    Great design!!

  6. So so cool, that stamp! :) Love it!

  7. HeLLo! Just stopped to say thanQ for the tip! Gonna get some personal name for them now!! So thanQ!!

    Awe! I love this color! looks so nice in both ways!!

  8. That matte blue is too pretty!

  9. SO pretty! I absolutely love it!

  10. Absolutely perfect! Love the effect of the foil-ish over the matte metal look....I would wear this in a flash!


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