Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nyx Girls - Alaskan Wild

COATS: 2, although 3 would have been better
TOPCOAT?: Only in sunlight photo.
SOURCE: Nail supply store in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS: I purchased a number of green, blue, and blue-green Nyx Girls polish the last time I was at the store downtown as I had never seen them before. This is a gorgeous green that was hard to capture on camera in the artificial light (my camera kept making it look like it had more yellow in it). I created an accent nail with Nyx Girls - Emerald Forest, which is absolutely stunning. I'll have to wear that one in a full manicure sometime.

Two coats, no topcoat:

Sunlight the next day - with topcoat and most color accurate:

Unfortunately this green stained my nails (especially my middle finger), so double up on topcoat if you have this one. 


  1. Ay que bonito color! el color verde es uno de mis colores favoritos! se mira muy hermoso en ti :) que lastima que te dejo manchadas tus uñas!


  2. This green is perfect for X-mas, imagine some gold and red glitter on top =o

  3. Green jelly!!! Yummy! That glitter looks gorgeous..

  4. Oh how I love this green!! My nails are on permastain-so as long as I keep them polished, I'm good!!

  5. Very pretty color...but WHY do those darn pretty greens stain so bad?! lol! I have the same issue with greens...topcoat or not!


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