Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polka dot tips - black and white

TOPCOAT?: See Below
SOURCE: Diamond Cosmetics - White, I'm Raven About You (black), Sunset in Sedona (index accent)
COMMENTS: I've wanted to do black and white polka dot tips for a loooong time! I'm so glad I ended up getting around to it. Love this!

I must cite some of my inspiration though. These are bloggers/blog posts that have inspired this mani:
Tartofraises - This post
And more recently, Chloe0602/Erika - This post
There are many others - I'm sorry, I can't remember them now!
Here's my version - before topcoat:

Fun! Even my short right thumbnail (silly vertical split) joined in:

After topcoat. Got some smudging before I realized I should just topcoat the tip first then come back and do the whole nail!


  1. Love the mani. Your pictures are fantastic. What kind of camera do you own.

  2. So cute, I love it!
    I'll copy your mani... ;-)
    Hugs from Barcelona

  3. I love your polka dots! Great pictures :D

  4. This is looks AWESOME. I love it!!!

  5. super cute , my doting tools are in the mail, can't wait till they arrive :)

  6. Fun! I really like how it turned out~

  7. VERY nice! Love how you added just a little bit of red.

  8. I love it! I did something like this a little while back and it looked wicked until I added the top coat. Smudge city - and I don't know how to remedy this :-(
    Your dots always look so neat and precise.

  9. Thanks for the comments! I'm still wearing and loving this mani right now!
    @Tami: I sent you an email with my camera details.

    @Ash-Lilly: I try to wait as long as possible after putting dots on my mani before using topcoat. In this case I put the dots on then hopped on the treadmill for about 15-20 minutes. Then I put the topcoat on - I try to work with a large "bead" of topcoat on the brush so the actual brush doesn't touch the nail. It's best to avoid going over the same area twice too, but I'm not so good at that!

  10. I love your design! I tagged you back on my blog! =)

  11. your pictures are really good my camera depends on the days sometimes takes pictures ok sometimes not. Love this manicure

  12. Great job! I love it. I haven't done a french tip in years; I miss the clean look. Polka dots really jazzed it up. :)


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