Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Icing - Unnamed blue mini

TOPCOAT?: Only after application of laser lace - Beauty Secrets Fast Finish, extra layer of topcoat on accent nails.
SOURCE: Icing store in the mall - part of a five pack of minis.
COMMENTS: I've finally used each polish in the set for a full manicure! Gorgeous blue! I wasn't sure what to do for nail art so I decided to try out some silver laser lace from dollarnailart.com. The laser lace is delicate, but not too difficult to use for the simple application I did. It's not entirely silver, there are iridescent blue and green threads running under the silver ones. I'd love to try this for full nail application sometime, but that would be a chore!

UP NEXT: Plain french manicure with Diamond Cosmetics - White


  1. Gorgeous! :)) Reminds me a bit of H&M Blue my mind.

  2. This blue is really pretty and with the laze looks really good:)

  3. That does look like H&M! I love the lace....I have some of that, how do you apply it?


  4. Thanks for all your great comments!

    @yardsticks 4 lunatics : I did the following to apply the lace -
    1) Cut a strip about the width and length I needed for the nail.
    2) Applied a thin coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong topcoat to the area where the strip would go and placed the strip over it. (I think any clear/topcoat will do - just as long as you have time to stick on the lace before it dries)
    3) Pressed down lightly on the lace to make sure all areas adhered.
    4) Gave the whole nail a coat of quick dry topcoat. (I added another coat later as the lace was still a little bumpy)

  5. OMGGGGOSH, This is stunning <3
    I need this blue *w*

  6. GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing. :O)

  7. I've tagged you on my blog for the stylish blogger award!
    Hugs from Barcelona ;-)

  8. You do it every post. Make my jaw hit the floor. SMH. That lace is too fabulous and that colour is definitely an eye-popper.

  9. Gorgeous as ever...love that lace :)

  10. gorgeous blue! the colour is look very good on you i love it :D

  11. loved the color. shiny and fantastic :)


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