Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ABOP Franken - Holographic MicroGlitter

APPLICATION: Okay for a glitter
TOPCOAT?: Yes -2 coats of Beauty Secrets Fast Finish
SOURCE: Clear nail polish  + This holographic glitter + Love My Nails Dazzling
COMMENTS: I wanted to see what this glitter would look like without any color added, and here it is. It's still a little see-through at 2 coats, but pretty enough. Of course, being gritty, it ate up 2 coats of topcoat. I later added yet another coat (the next morning). My attempt at nail art on this turned out so-so. I think the black lines were just too much contrast. The gems are ones I picked up in a pack from Dollar Tree, and they're actually red, not orange.


  1. Really pretty and I love the nailart. I love to see unique and different designs on nails :D

  2. Honestly, I think this franken is gorgeous! One more coat and it would be the equal of ChG OMG, IMHO (or Sexagon, maybe, although can't say for sure on that one since out of the Kaleidoscope collection it's not one that I own)! :) Amazing!

    Question: Where do you purchase this glitter if you don't mind sharing? And what type of clear polish do you use (or will any clear work okay)?

    I have been wanting to purchase holo glitter for a while for frankening (so I don't have to franken with my holo polishes [that I generally overpaid for in the first place! ;)]).

    I haven't searched your site yet to see if you answer this in another post but will do so now - so sorry if I'm asking a question you've answered... Just came across your blog this morning. :)

    Thanks much - and again, stunning franken!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    @RuthieGirl: I got my pigment at a nail supply place in Los Angeles. I also recently purchased some holo glitter from TKB Trading. (Named Holographic Hola Glow on their site Here . It looks similar when I put them side by side, but I haven't frankened with the TKB glitter yet to confirm. Maybe I'll try it this weekend and post results. Hope this helps!

  4. @RuthieGirl: Oops, and to answer your question about clear np - I just use any clear np I have. In this case I think I used some of the leftover topcoat that came in the bottle I'm holding and added some other clear polish to it.

  5. I love this franken, the color and sheerness really make it stand out! :):)

  6. I too think this franken is absolutely gorgeous! great job :)

  7. Hey ABOP! :)

    Thanks so much for your answers! So appreciated!

    I also read (a bit after I posted my comment) that you use at least a bit of a lacquer with glitter suspended in it, like WnW Hallucinate or the like, when frankening a holo or glitter polish - so SMART you are!!! Makes perfect sense but I wouldn't have figured it out!

    YES, please!!! :) If/when you franken with the Holographic Hola Glow you purchased from TKB I'd LOVE if you'd post about the results - even sans photos! *GASP* LOL! ;)

    Can you tell I'm hungry to get my hands on some good holo glitter and franken away??! Hehe!

    Hope you have a great Friday! :)

  8. i love this nail art and the holo nail polish


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