Friday, January 28, 2011

Kleancolor - Vikini Green and Quirius - Erin Island

**Sorry, had to edit this post because I gave the wrong name for the polish I sponged on the tips. It's Quirius - Belmont Garden.

COATS: 2 of Vikini Green (is that supposed to be Bikini? The label has Vikini), Erin Island Belmont Garden sponged on tips
TOPCOAT?: Yes, 1 coat of Beauty Secrets Fast Finish
SOURCE: Local discount clothing store and respectively
COMMENTS: I knew I was in trouble when I tried to take a photograph of the base color and my camera threw a fit. Then I tried to take one of the bottles together and the camera saw them as the same exact color! I tried to get this as close as I can, but these colors are both just a little on the neon side of the spectrum. So, no bottle pics, sorry.

Indoors - had to change camera settings:

Natural light at work the next morning - still had issues, the best photos I could manage are of my mani reflected in the window! The colors are more vibrant in real life. I'm sad I couldn't show them well.


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