Sunday, November 14, 2010

Followup - nail supply store glitter frankening (large photos)

I recently decided to try out two glitters. The first has primarily flashes of blue and green in a mostly grey base. It looks really cool!

However, once the grey stuff hit clear nailpolish, it seemed to dissolve in it. I tried to salvage it by adding holo glitter, which sank to the bottom, but this is basically a franken fail. The glitter may work for sprinkling/dipping, but I haven't tried that yet.

The second glitter is chock full of silver and multi-colored sparklies. It looks holographic to me because of the prismatic effect you see when the container is moved from side to side.

So here is what went into my franken from the last post as well as two new similar frankens:
L to R: Ulta - Devious, Holo glitter, clear nailpolish, Love My Nails - Dazzling (this is to keep the glitter suspended. Any polish with glitter suspended in it, such as Wet n Wild - Hallucinate, should do)

Below are the three frankens I created:
#1: My first of  these frankens, has lots of glitter and clear and purple polish at about a 2:1 ratio
#2: Attempting a jelly - lots of glitter, much more clear, a bit of LMN Dazzling, a few drops of purple
#3: Jelly-ish - Mostly LMN Dazzling, a little clear, a few drops of purple, less glitter, two drops of black

Photos below are of two coats of each. The batch on the left have two coats of topcoat, and on the right, no topcoat.

Here they are again.

I like them all! Which of the three is your favorite?


  1. they're all pretty! but i think my favorite is the darkest, #1.

  2. I like them all....2 keeps jumping out at me tho. AWESOME work! :D

  3. I love them all! But, #2 is my favorite! I want to franken now! :]

  4. I'm in love with the darkest of the three. With & without the topcoat it's just beautiful.

  5. I love all of them but the second is more unique I and I like it best :)

  6. I love them all!!
    But my favorite is 3, followed very closely by 1.
    The one that you labeled 3 coats of #3 is like calling my name. Great job, girl!

  7. I really like them all, but if I had to pick one, I'd say #2 is my fave. They're all WINS!

  8. Wow, they look awesome!
    Number 1 & 2 are my favs ^_^

  9. wow. all 3 of the purples are absolutely gorgeous

  10. I like them all too. However, I like the darker #1 the most. Congrats on your success with franken these.

  11. Number 1 and Number 2 are hottttt!

  12. It's hard to decide, I like 2 because it looks like it's showing the holo best, but I really love that dark purple in 1, and 3 looks like you combined 1 and 2. lol


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