Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NYC - Sun Goddess

SOURCE: Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS/Target - can't remember
COMMENTS: I'm trying to go through the main rainbow colors for my next polishes, so after my red mani, I had to choose something orange. The treadmill was waiting for me, so it had to be quick. In addition, I didn't want the orange to look like part of a leftover halloween costume, so it couldn't be a standard orange creme. Sooo... I grabbed this wonderful textured shimmer from NYC. Sun Goddess is not quite opaque at two coats, but that doesn't bother me because it's gorgeous!

Oh yah, and I didn't bother with cleanup...

UP NEXT: Something yellow - ish...


  1. you have such beautiful nails! i love this orange on you!

  2. wow - when did this polish come out? I have never seen it before... ( I think?? )

    it's very nice!

  3. This is a great color - I love the shimmer in it. I've had a horrible time with streaking with this brand of polish. Did you have that problem?

  4. @Toesthattwinkle! - Thank you!

    @Deez Nailz - I think I got this earlier this year. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been reviewed more because it's the kind of color that warrants a second look when you see it.

    @Megan - This is my second time using a polish from this brand. The first was a yellow from the 99c line of the brand, so that was expectedly streaky but smoothed out well. This one wasn't streaky at all, and these have a flattened brush which made application quick and easy.

  5. Oranges don't usually look great on me but I might have to try out this beauty. Thanks for the swatch of a polish I've never seen before!

  6. Oooo, pretty pretty. It reminds me of warmer times.

  7. so pretty, and it suits you very well!

  8. yep I agree, that's a great color. Looks great on you. You have perfect nails.

  9. Hi! I loved your visit on my blog!
    Yours is great!!!
    This colour looks hot on you!
    I have a problem with NYC, I can never get them opaque with 2 coats either! But I guess their price and the range of colours they have kind of compensate for that!

  10. This polish is really pretty. I love the shimmer in it.
    You have a few blog awards on my blog=)


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