Monday, November 1, 2010

Color Club - More than just a set of nameless reds...

APPLICATION: Smooth on all
TOPCOAT?: Only in photos of the complete manicure
SOURCE: Ross Dress for Less
COMMENTS: When I first saw this set of reds with no names and in a package that didn't reflect the actual collection, I said to myself "Who needs that many reds?". Well apparently I feel I do (I don't really, but I convinced myself I could franken with them). So... I decided to do a mani with the four cremes and the red glitter. The last two bottles in the set are red shimmers, one of which also has a flash of gold shimmer in it. I used the first five in the not-so-great photo below.

I think the cremes are actually a jelly-ish formula because I still had visible nail line after two coats.

Chloe-style tips done with Nina Ultra Pro -Black and an then everything topped with an unnamed Elle LDL (from 9-pack in Ross) gold shimmer topcoat.  Finished off the mani with one coat of Quick Slicker.

With my nails so long now, I'm still getting used to seeing such large areas of color, so after some time I felt the need to break it up a little more. I used a Color Club Art Club striping polish to add a line. These photos were taken before I threw on another layer of topcoat.


  1. I love the design you did! Very pretty

  2. I really like this mani :)I wouldnt know what to do with so much red!
    too bad the cremes werent really cremes though. Is there a true red creme out there???

  3. I purchased this set believing that they were all different shades of red. When I got them home and swatched them I realized there was 1 glitter polish, then 2 bottles of a red shimmer, 2 bottles of a dark red creme, and 2 bottles of a slightly lighter creme. There were only 4 different colors total!

  4. It looks cute!! A little like an evil candy cane.

    And I don't even bother myself with Ross's Color Club sets anymore.
    I see them and don't even pick them up to look, because most of the time, the colors are incorrect. Everything at Ross is incorrect, matter of fact. I bought The Dark Knight DVD from there and when I got home, it was french, with english subtitles. o__O
    Ross is such a hot mess, but I love it. LOL.

  5. I really like the last mani with the double-stripe. Nice!

  6. That's a lot of red. LOL But you really can't go wrong with red. I really like the last pic. Your nails look great!

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    @Samantha - yes, there are many red cremes out there! I've used Avon - Tangtastic, and that was opaque in 2 coats.

    @Shell - yes it's disappointing to have really 4 colors only, but I still feel it was a decent purchase since it's great nailpolish, and the glitter one is awesome once you add a topcoat!

    @ChaosButterfly - I love getting the color club sets at Ross bc with or without names, it's still a great nailpolish that would cost me much more to purchase online.


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