Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nyx Girls - Mushroom Glitter, Buzz Worthy

TOPCOAT?: Yes - 1 coat of Quick Slicker
SOURCE: Beauty supply store
COMMENTS:  Buzz Worthy was the first of these two that I purchased. Obviously I like it a lot because I mistakenly bought it again! I especially like it because it's a warmer color that goes well with my skin. I got Mushroom Glitter later, and since I couldn't decide which to wear first, I decided to wear them both - and I think it works. 3 coats were necessary, but each coat dried quickly. These are gorgeous foil-ish glitters, and boy are they shiny!
Index and ring fingers = Mushroom Glitter
Middle and pinky fingers = Buzz Worthy

UP NEXT: Something neutral


  1. This is pretty! Its a great party color!

  2. These look so divine!! I love them both :)

  3. I like the champagne-y one better (for my skin tone), but they both look good on you. Your nails are looking great!

  4. I love foils!!! Man, these are fabulous!!
    Your nails...*swoon*

  5. I love Mushroom Glitter, though there isn't such a big difference. =)

    I must be saying this pretty often, but your nails are really beautiful =)

  6. I can't pick my fave either. They both look amazing! :) Good you got both. LOL


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