Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kleancolor - Golden Nightmare, Wet N Wild - Tipsy

COATS: 1 of each
SOURCE: Beauty supply store and Rite Aid respectively
COMMENTS: This mani didn't last even 30 minutes on me. While I loved that the Kleancolor base took just one coat, I'd been feeling down that day, and this made me feel even gloomier. So after taking photos, I took it all off (a rarity for me - but that tells you how yucky my mood was) and moved on to the grey in the next post. With the grey on, I went to bed feeling so much better. Color therapy works!

UP NEXT: Something grey


  1. It's quite lovely. I'm sorry you were in a yucky mood and am glad you're feeling better.

  2. It looks great on you but polish should not make someone gloomy! :P I'm glad that you are feeling better with a new color.

  3. hope your mood turns around. this color is really beautiful on you.

  4. I love it, but I totally agree, if the color doesn't feel right must be removed =)

    Color therapy definitely works =D

  5. It's pretty, but if your hands don't make you smile when you look at them, time to change that polish. Glad you felt better.

  6. wow pretty! I'm amazed. A new follower now. I hope you can visit mine and like as well:)

  7. I'm in love with your nails, really wonderful
    so let's talk about polish
    this one is really great, how long did you keep it on your nails ? is it easy to apply ?

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone
    @diamants-d'ébènes: I was feeling down and this color made me feel worse at the moment, so I only had it on for about 30 minutes. Both are polishes I had been looking forward to, so I will have to give them another try sometime.


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