Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I sometimes like to spend the few minutes before removing an old mani swatching colors that my eye catches. Yesterday, I decided to put on four of the Sally Hansen colors in my stash on and play with them. This was the result (not color accurate).
Above - L to R: The Real Teal, Pacific Blue, Going Green, Blue Me Away

Then I had to go and mess all but one of them up:

The only one that looked decent at the end of it all:

Maybe that will become a full mani some day? Who knows. It was fun though!


  1. nice manicure! and I really like pacific blue!

  2. You should totally make it a full mani.
    I love that blue!

  3. That is especially good. Or even just one accent nail and the rest just plain Blue me Away?

  4. Definitely "full mani" material, its a great combo :)

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  6. I love these designs <3

    please follow mine too (:


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