Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Unnamed Light/Jelly Teal

APPLICATION: Smooth once I swapped out the horridly splayed brush it came with
SOURCE: Ross Dress for Less
COMMENTS: I got two packages of these polishes which were 7 to a box for $4.99 each because I liked the colors. Brooke of Getcha Nails Did also found similar sets, but mine are not exactly the same. This gorgeous color was the first I wanted to try from these collections. The polish did have some miniscule bits of pigment that show up a bit on the nail, but not enough to distract from the gorgeous color - which proved extremely difficult to get on camera.
** The photos (last three) where this looks more green are closest to the true color of the polish.

Above: I even tried taking a photo in front of the pool but the camera still didn't pick up the difference.
It is the exact same color as the top of this lotion bottle.

UP NEXT: I don't know. I wanted to wear this so badly that I skipped over my previously planned mani!


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  2. I do like the tealness of this color <3

  3. The pool makes a great background for this shot!! BTW I tagged you in this post


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