Friday, April 30, 2010

Responses to Comments

I received two comments on my last post (my first franken), that I would like to respond to:

jaljen said... A lovely franken. How do you know what will work well? Is it experience or sheer good fortune or a good eye for colours?

jaljen, I absolutely have no idea what would work well (lol)! However, I had used this blue in this post before and found it a little too dark for my skin tone. I figured I would just try a lighter version of it, hence adding white. I started by mixing drops (keep count) of each on a palette and when I got the desired color, kept the same ratios when I poured them into a bottle.

Taki J said... I haven't tried to franken yet. I feel like whatever I end up with will end up the color of I'll try it sooner or later but will enjoy the creations of others in the meantime.

Taki J, I feel like I would probably end up with brown too if I didn't have an end color in mind. In this case since I already knew what color I was starting with, it was just a matter of trying it out on a small scale before moving on to larger quantities. A few drops on a surface is all you need to start. I started with one drop of blue, added one drop of white, mixed it up with a paint brush, added more white.... and eventually added the third color just for the shimmer.


  1. Sometimes mud is pretty! I ended up with a taupe with blue shimmer. I called it muddy waters.

  2. Good frankening info. I like using a color wheel so I know what colors make what. But I also just go with whatever and just have fun. :)

    April....I love the name you gave your franken....that's awesome.

  3. I see the key to getting a good frankening is by testing on a palette before just dumping several polishes into a bottle. lol!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    April...I like that name too :)

  4. Thanks for addressing. I will give it a try I think I just need to get over my fear of messing up and know that I will mess up sometimes.

    April-- Muddy Waters is a cute name. Do you have a pic?

  5. Thanks ladies! You can search for it on my blog, concrete and nail polish. I'm still not sure about blog etiquette. Is it ok for me to post a link to my blog in someone's comments in this case?

  6. April, please feel free to post a link to your blog, I don't mind at all. Definitely want to see this "Muddy Waters". I love that name too!

  7. Thanks! Here you go.


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