Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sally Hansen Mosaic Creme and Marble Creme

Application: Streaky and watery on first coat, but smooth on second
Coats: 2. I think 3 would be ideal, but I have no patience for that :)
Source: Dollar Tree
Comments: Love, love, love these colors! Sally Hansen was really rocking some fabulous colors long before some of the others got into the game. I know these are pretty old because I have some of this family of polishes in my stash from about 2001 maybe? They come with a great shine built in, but unfortunately they don't dry very quickly, so I had to put a quick dry topcoat on before I messed it up.
I picked up on the idea of a modified "skittle" mani from jaljen. Her comment got me thinking about wearing manis with colors that were similar enough that they wouldn't throw your eyes off. I love this because I can try out two colors simultaneously, so you'll be seeing more polish-duo looks in the future.

Mosaic Creme = more blue-toned color
Marble Creme = more green-toned color


  1. these are both fabulous colours and I think this looks really cool. I wish I had a Dollar Tree store in my town

  2. I love these colors! I have Mosaic Creme and it's so gorgeous but it would not dry! I tried a few different top coats with no luck.


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