Sunday, April 11, 2010

ABOP's Ugly Awesome Polishes

Brooke over at Getcha Nails Did had this fabulous concept about nailpolish that is ugly to the point of being awesome. You should definitely read her post about it if you haven't yet.

Well, I dug up a few of these (and there are many more, but I believe in giving each bottle in my stash a chance to shine).
Maybelline Passing by Pink, Sally Hansen Classy Frost, Chill Frost, Forsythia, and Sation Purple Royal

Colors are in reverse on my nails:
3 coats of each - mostly because the chalky Passing by Pink (on pinky) was still streaky on the second coat. Yes I know, I have a dent in my middle finger.

They're starting to grow on me at this point. I can't stop looking at Purple Royal (thumb). Is it a "jelly"? Classy frost (ring finger) went from looking like mud in the bottle to chocolate on the nails.

And then of course I do with these what I do with manis destined for destruction. Try out some stamps on them of course!


  1. i really like that "classy frost" it reminds me of chocolate. =) and that's pretty sweet (pun.)

  2. The pink is pretty, but the others are kinda fugly. :)

  3. You got some pretty "awesome" ones there :)

  4. Classy Frost and Chill Frost remind me of my chai tea...LOL! Hilarious!

  5. Hahah those first two are SO. BAD. They are definitely 'ugly awesome' or, incredibad, as I like to say.

  6. Holy moly, those Sally Hansens are AWFUL! The other two aren't bad though!

  7. Alone, they are pretty bad, hehe. But stamped, they remind me of some vintage fabrics my mom has! (I can't decide if that's good or

  8. I really like the SH "Forsythia." Should I run & hide? LOL

    Quick question: Did you use the NailArt Diva kit for the stamps? They look so pretty.

  9. Hi Melany,
    Yes, I did use the NailArt Diva kit - for all the stamps on there. There are some cute ones.


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