Monday, April 5, 2010

Cataloging my stash

I'm in the process of cataloging my huge stash of nail polish, and so sometimes have to do marathon sessions of swatching. Not using my fingernails, of course, but some "kiss" brand tips.
I purchased 4 boxes of 100 each and am already on the last box. Either way, here is what my setup looks like. I have to sit next to the open patio door, especially since most of these are old formula polishes.
Funny thing - I was doing this yesterday afternoon when I felt a bit of vertigo. My first thought was "oh no, these fumes are getting to me!". Alas, it wasn't me, it really was the earth moving - an earthquake. Fortunately we felt it just as a rolling motion in our area.

Pretties! Once they're completely dry, I number them and put the number and corresponding polish brand and name in a spreadsheet.
I'm finding that I have a lot of dupes for colors that are currently popular. So now I'll have to check my stash before I'm tempted to make a purchase.
I still have to do this (swatch) for my more recent purchases.


  1. Wow, you have quite a collection of polish! Using the Kiss nails to compare how a polish finishes is a great idea! I'll have to invest in some of those nails soon for swatching. Thanks for sharing!

    And, you felt the earthquake too?! I think almost everyone in the general area thought we had a case of vertigo going on, until we noticed that we weren't the only thing moving in the room.

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one with lots of fakes floating around. I always use smaller ones and glue them to the top of my bottles, so I can see at a glance what they look like. Until my mom tries to use them and pops them off >.<

  3. I love me another LA blogger!!! =D I know where Skyline is, BUT, I find their selection to be lacking sometimes, so skiddadle on down to Main St. To a little place called Hollywood Nail Supply. And, the place I get my color Club IS Skyline.. o.0 it's kind of hidden though, it's in that room next to the cash register. Check it out next time. OOO I wanna TAG ALONGG!! LOL =D


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