Monday, November 8, 2010

ABOP Franken - Green holo

TOPCOAT?: Yes - Quick Slicker
SOURCE: Franken made with a Golden Rose silver-ish holo and a dark blue and yellow (can't remember which). Tips are made with franken of clear with holo pigment from beauty supply store.

COMMENTS: I wanted a true green holo and made this a few months back. The holo is somewhat elusive, and having no natural light to take my photos doesn't help matters. I decided to jazz up the tips with a holo pigment franken, then didn't like it so much. Soooo I fixed it by using a striper brush to add a line of the green to break up the tip section. The best part? Hubby-approved! He complimented me on them just out of the blue.
*Don't forget you can click on the photos to see them up close and personal!

Below - what it looks like most of the time.

UP NEXT: Something blue


  1. wow! now i know how to achieve green holo! :)

  2. Very nice!! And your nails look awesome.

  3. That looks fab!
    The holo did make it look, that much better c:

  4. Love green. Love holo's! Isn't it a bonus when the hubby/boyfriend notices your nails? I'm always ridiculously pleased when my boyfriend comments on them.

  5. This franken is really beautiful. You reminded me that I don't have a blue holo, I think I'll have to make one=).

    Can't wait to see the blue polish=)

  6. I am loving the green color of that franken. And the silver tips is really nice as well. I'm loving this.

  7. love the green for winter! reminds me of a christmas tree :)

  8. green holo goodness. I 'm going to try mixing my silver glitters/holo things with colors now. It looks like a completely new thing. and your nails are so amazingly long now and pretty!!

  9. Wow-wee!! I love it! It looks gorgeous on yu too! You bottle that baby up and I would buy it :P

  10. this is the only second true dark green holo ive ever seen and this is gorgeous. nubar has one I believe but I like yours better! you are very good with frankens..i keep getting failures ahh!

  11. This is gorgeous! I wish it wasn't a franken so I could buy it. :)


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