Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monthly Mani-Fest April 2012

Another month has passed! 
Here's a look back at all my manicures in April. 
*To see an individual post, click on the link below the photo which interests you. 

** Otro mes ha pasado! 
Aquí está una mirada retrospectiva a todas mis manicuras en abril.
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  1. Your speckled frankens are to die for. Also, I can't stop laughing at your Disco Biscuit dupe name. Amazing.

  2. So many fabulous manicures!!! That Key to My Art Stamping is genius!!!

  3. wow I love those speckled frankens! very unique

  4. GAH! Love them all! My favorites are your fingerpaints stamping and the sponged tints....I really want some of those!

  5. wow! your manis are perfect! and your frankens are my desire :)

  6. i love your frankens! and I esp like the fingerpaints nailart. :D

  7. Those frankens are TDF! I am constantly searching for glitter in some kind of colored base! I followed your blog, do you mind following mine as well?


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