Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fingerpaints - Military Green

APPLICATION: Smooth but a little thick. I will add thinner in the future.
SOURCE: Sally Beauty Supply
COMMENTS: I went looking for this collection with the intent of buying only 4 or 5 of the colors. The sales assistant said they wouldn't put them out until August 1, so I asked if I could see them just so I'd know which ones to ask them to hold for me. Well, the manager let her sell them after all, so I bought the whole collection. I had just enough cash that I had budgeted for nail polish, so it worked out and I got to support my local economy :)

I decided to try Military Green first:

 And later stamped with Cherimoya - Jazz Olive using a Magnonails XL plate B pattern.


  1. That color looks gorgeous on u!!!

  2. Amazing color I must say! And I like also stamping.

  3. Very pretty! All the nail polish companies seem to be doing a Military green for this fall :)

  4. Yeah, the Sally's near me won't put them out but if we ask they'll show us and we can buy them.

  5. I'm wearing a military green today, as well. Great color!

  6. This nail polish is very cool and I love this stamping: the result is so fine and chic ;)

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  7. Military Green is perfect on you! I love that color. All the dirty, muddy army greens have made me happy lately.

  8. Just beautiful! The stamping is exquisite. I passed this color by earlier today, but now that I've seen it on you I think I may go back and buy it.

  9. I'm really liking this shade its very earthy and i like how subtle the stamp is cuz it doesn't hide the beautiful green

  10. Love this color on you and the subtle stamping is awesome :D


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