Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cherimoya - Jazz Olive

APPLICATION: Smooth. Better to use thin coats though.
SOURCE: Nail supply in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS:When I first saw this brand I thought they were Kleancolor polishes. The bottles are very similar. However I noticed the difference in the brand name and handle. The sales assistant at the store said they were the "new version of Kleancolor with a better formula". This seems to be the case as they all had the same names as the Kleancolors.
I loved wearing this metallic and stamped over it on day 2 with a pattern from the Magnonails XL plate A. 


  1. This looks like a Princessa called Everglades, I loooooove this color and the stamp is perfection!!

  2. Love the puzzle stamping!


    The Brainless Housewife :P

  3. I love this a lot ! Puzzle pieces <3

  4. Great polish and I love this simple mani !

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  5. Oh, this is very pretty. I love that puzzle pattern too :)

  6. Gorgeous! I love this color and lovely stamping too!

  7. Gorgeous, love the stamping.
    Did it smell as much as the Kleancolor's do.

  8. I don't care for the color alone, but I love the stamping! And OMG the design couldn't be more crisp.

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    @Cat: I didn't really notice a smell with this one - but then the Kleancolor smell doesn't bother me, so I may just be overlooking it.

  10. this is one awesome shade! you rock it!

  11. Such a gorgeous colour! Fab! :)
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  12. I love the color alone, and the stamping! But is Kleancolor's reputation such that they thought it was better to change the name instead of the bottle? Curious.

  13. super design !! great.
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  14. I have two of these polishes. I found them at a hair/wig store. I noticed the bottles are almost like Kleancolor bottles but have not been able to find out very much about them at all on the internet.

    Mine do smell really bad. I have only one bottle of Kleancolor, and while it smells strong, the Cherimoya smells strong AND weird.

    Anyway, I love your mani...such a cute pattern. And your nails are perfection!!


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