Friday, July 15, 2011

Stamping with Diamond Cosmetics - Tranquility

COMMENTS:  This post is for Paillete, who wondered in this post on her blog (Paillette: a little nail polish journal) what this color would look like stamped over certain colors. Well here you go my dear!

I used no base coat in these photos, and one coat of topcoat. Ignore the messy cleanup and dryness - I swatched outside so didn't bother washing and lotioning between swatches like I usually do.
All photos are clickable to enlarge.

Diamond Cosmetics - Tranquility over:
Revlon - Powder Puff, 3 coats

Nina Ultra Pro - Never Glum Plum

Nyx Girls -  Fierce Purple

Thumb to pinky -
1. Diamond Cosmetics - Cool & Creamy
2. Essie - Marshmallow
3. NYC - Park Ave
4. Diamond Cosmetics - Under the Willow Tree
5. Simple Pleasures - unnamed dusty periwinkle blue

I ended up leaving this on and wearing it to church the next day, lol! 

And a sneak peek at some right hand "play" that I ended up duplicating for my next mani:


  1. Gorgeous I need to use my plates but lately I have been so lazy, lol!!

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  3. I really LOVE the zig zag desing on your finger. What nail stamping plate did you use ?


  4. *faints*



    I am posting a link!


    So awesome!!!

  5. You did ALOT of painting and stamping that day!
    I'm very curious which plates you used as they cover the entire nail, wich I often have problems with.

  6. Wow all this color combos for the stamping is amazing !

  7. What plate did you use?


  8. OOoh I love it over Never Glum Plum!

  9. Nice stamping! I esp. love it over the taupe. I had no idea this would be such a nice stamping polish, because it sounds so sheer.

  10. That diamond pattern with the clover inset in it is amazing, what is the plate number??? Beautiful nails!

  11. Thanks for all the comments! A lot of you have asked for a plate number - all the patterns are from Magnonails XL plate B.

  12. i LOVE that blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all these look so good!


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