Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest June 2011

Another month has passed!
Here's a look back at all my manicures last month.
*To see an individual post, click on the link below the photo which interests you. 

 Toma - Glitter Tangerine to Lime Green

 Diamond Cosmetics - Like Satin, and rub-on decals

 Confetti - Cherries Jubilee and Vava Voom

 OPI - Parlez-Vous OPI?

 ABOP Franken - Purple holographic glitter jelly

 ABOP Franken - Dusty Teal

 ABOP Franken - Birthday Bling

Quirius - Melange a quatre!

Simply Sweet - Red Jelly

Nfu Oh - 65

 Simply Sweet - Beige with pink accent

.. and to make it sweeter..

New York Color (NYC) - Park Ave.

Wet N Wild Shine - Blueberry Fizz
Do you have a favorite?


  1. Wow I love all these! Especially the holographic mani. You've given me some great ideas!!!


  2. Some amazing looks through the past month!!

  3. My favorite would have to be Blueberry Fizz & your purple holo!

  4. yes. i love the blueberry fizz mani! i also like the rub on decals.

  5. ehh i love this post! your frankens are nice looking. argh so pretty

  6. They are all so gorgeous! I cannot pick just one. You're getting perfect in nail art

  7. Birthday bling is my personal fave because it's so utterly blingtastic. I was wondering if you do tutorials on creating frankens?

  8. What a pretty manicures! And I like how you post em all at once :)

  9. Thanks for the comments! My favorite is my birthday mani, which I couldn't stop looking at!

    @Vita: I don't do tutorials currently as it takes a little time and I tend to get franken ideas at random times - even when I'm in bed sometimes! I'll maybe do one next time I have a specific color I want to create. Do you have a certain kind of franken you want to see created - a creme or glitter or shimmer?

  10. I'm very much a glitter fan! Thank you!!xoxo


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