Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruby Kisses American Clear Pink vs. Madmoiselle

COATS: 3 of each
COMMENTS: Ruby Kisses American Clear Pink (RNP96) has been in my stash much longer than the recently purchased Madmoiselle (RNP77) and I decided to compare them. I now see why although my eyes like it, I never reached for American Clear Pink. It's not effective enough at masking the discoloration on my nail beds. It's also a little streaky on the nail. Madmoiselle is clearly the winner here.

In indirect sunlight:


  1. Wow girl! you have amazing nails, lovely length and shape xx

  2. Mademoiselle is super pretty! <3

  3. Super pretty! I like these type polishes for some reason. I guess because of the syrup/jelly finish :)


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