Friday, April 15, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest September 2010

Another month of manicures from the past - details:  September 2010 posts


  1. oooh I love the first picture of the bright blue :-) xx

  2. Beautiful!!
    What is that dark gray/blue Sally in the old long bottle?

    I kind of have a jones for it!!!

    Thank you, what a great idea for a post!
    I'm droooooling over these!

  3. Lovely!!! I really am liking that first whitish Avon..LOVE IT and I think I remember the original post. LOL

  4. I love tenth and eleventh picture!
    Both combos are cute...

  5. Love them ALL! The blues really POP on your nails, the pastel with ChG TC reminds me of easter eggs and the last one makes me think of a fuzzy warm sweater. LOL

  6. Yay! Bar glitter! And the Sally Hansen olive and KleanColor Brick are both pretty rad. :)

  7. I'm loving all the dot manicures here. I think these photos are about the time I started following you. I Love these :D

  8. Thanks for all the great comments ladies!
    @Paillette: That bluish gray is actually a franken. However, it turned out to be the exact same color as Kleancolor - Concrete Grey. Details are in this post.


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