Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tres Risk - Secret Passion

SOURCE: Ross, as part of a pack of four colors (polish names are on the pack, not on the bottles).
COMMENTS: I bought the set for this particular color and it didn't disappoint. I also added rhinestones and tiny beads from a microbead set to the mani. (By the way, if you get the Martha Stewart microbead set  for nail art, get the glass ones, not the metal ones - the colors on the metal ones run off once they come in contact with nail polish). I used the lavender colored ones (named Amethyst).


  1. ooh i love love love the embellishments over this purple!

  2. I got 2 sets but my friend picked up the last brown set. I wish I could find that one. These polishes are awesome. I cut the names from the package and glued them to the back of the bottle. Secret passion is really lovely on you! I never thought about getting these beads for nail art. Well, I got to make a trip to Walmart. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Pretty but simple.
    Lovely purple color c:

  4. Pretty!! I never see any good polish at Ross. *kicks local ross*

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for the bead tip - I've been planning on buying some Martha Stewart stuff to use for nail art and frankening, so that's good to know.

  6. I saw 3 different sets of this brand at a Ross recently and then said to myself, "I'm sure I have these colors already!" Was strong, put them down and walked away (not to mention I'd already purchased at least 10 bottles of polish earlier - lol). Anyway, great job on the nail art and nice color...

  7. i love the crystals. blingy but still simple.


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