Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Avon - Midnight Plum, Love My Nails - Diva

COATS: 2 of Midnight Plum, 1 of Diva
SOURCE: and Walmart respectively.
COMMENTS: I've been feeling like wearing all black or something rich and dark lately (maybe due to my return to work and how gloomy it is in LA versus where I live?). Either way, I settled on this rich deep plum color. As is usual with these Avons, I could probably have gotten away with one generous coat had I been more careful. I paired these two colors together when I first bought  and played with them, so naturally, the sparkly micro-bar glitter that is Diva came for the ride again. A line with LA Colors - Magenta striper finished off the mani.


  1. I like this mani! Very nice :)

  2. YES! This is so hip. I wannit! That Love My Nails is so fantastic. <3 <3

  3. bar glitter is so underrated! everyone should have some :)
    and that plum color is simply fantastic. Great mani

  4. Awesome! I'd love to wear this mani! :)

  5. Oooh, one of my fav mani's from you!
    Love the string glitter, totally makes the design :D

  6. this is sooooooo beautiful!!!! you make me miss my long nails.

  7. This is seriously a fantastic manicure. I've done the glitter tip before, but I never thought about doing ti with the bar glitter. I LOVE how it came out.

    I wanted to also toss this link at you, hoping that you might be interested. I'm hoping a give away at my blog in hopes of helping with the whole Breast Cancer Awareness. I would be honored if you checked it out because I really enjoy reading your blog.

  8. it's really a pleasure to come on your blog, you can't be bored.
    and i enjoy so much, that nail-art,
    how many days do you keep it on your nails ?

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone!
    @diamants-d'ébènes: I just took this off, so I had it on for two days only. I usually change every 2-3 days unless I am super busy.

  10. Gorgeous! I think I may do something similar with Sally Hansen In the Spotlight.


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