Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sally Hansen Salon - Sweet Creams

APPLICATION: Smooth, though I found myself wishing the brush was thicker/wider
SOURCE: Old stash bought at some drugstore early in the year.
COMMENTS: I wanted to wear a sheer polish so that someone I know could see that my nails were actually real. This polish did the job just fine, but looked so boring to me that I had to add the glitter to the tips for a little more interest. At times like this I really wish my konad stamping skills were up to par, because a print in any color would easily have jazzed up this manicure.


  1. Great neutral colour! I love the length of your nails. I wish mine could grow as long as yours, but mine keep breaking once they get past my fingertip. :(

  2. This is a great neutral! It'd be the perfect base for Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday.

  3. Nice neutral, and I love the glitter in a thin line like that :)

  4. Lovely ^^
    Same, my Konad skills aren't the best >o<

  5. it's classical and "haute couture" nail art
    great !!


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