Sunday, October 17, 2010

Color Las Vegas - Excalibur, Nabi - Blue Glitter, Nyx - Purple Ave

APPLICATION: Smooth on all
COATS: 3-level gradient in Excalibur, 1 each of Blue Glitter and Purple Ave
SOURCE: Beauty supply stores in downtown Los Angeles
COMMENTS: When I swatched Excalibur and realized it was a blue jelly, I decided to try a gradient-style (some people call it syrup?) mani with it. I then topped it off with first Blue Glitter and finally added some flaky goodness with Purple Ave. For the record there are two Purple Ave colors in the Nyx brand - this is the one with the larger flakes in a purple base. Finished it off with the same rhinestones I used in the last mani - yes, I just cleaned them  in acetone and reused them!

**My skin appears two different colors in these photos. That's because I switched between camera modes to capture the color most accurately.


  1. ooh, thats so beautiful! i love the color!

  2. Very pretty! It makes me think of a really deep swimming pool.

  3. I love this shade! what a cool idea with the rhinestones!

  4. This is a sweet color. I even dig the nail line, which is unusual for me. And sparkles are always good. :)

    I should totally do that with my rhinestones!

  5. What a cute idea. You have beautiful long nails.

  6. Oooh, jelly blue.
    It looks lovely! ^^

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