Sunday, August 15, 2010

Challenge Entry - Just Tips

Just Tips is the current theme for  Polish Hoarder Disorder's Challenge this week, and I decided to participate since I could do something simple AND the due date was later than usual.

I decided to do a skittle mani on my tips using my new Simple Pleasures polishes, but first had to deal with the fact that the brushes don't work. To remedy this, I decanted the colors I was going to use into some of my empty Dollar Tree frankening bottles. Here they are, ready for my mani.

These are all unnamed, but the peachy/coral on the left and the teal in the middle are ones I used for my last two manicures.

I then proceeded to freehand my tips. I can't imagine how difficult this would be if I had to use a konad stamp to do this! This way was quick and easy - base coat, two coats on tips, topcoat. I need to do tips more often!


  1. You did that freehand? OMG, how steady are you???

  2. Very cute idea! I wish I had time to enter.

  3. I like your skittle tips!! I agree free-handing takes less time than the stamp.

  4. @jaljen - Lol! Yup, I actually find it easier than using tip guides too. Who would have thought?
    The sad thing is - as much fun as this mani is, I'm BORED with it already. I just came in from the pool and have some tip wear. Time for a change!

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  6. Oh Em Gee!
    I did my tips but different colors as well! xD

  7. Wow, great job! It's been ages since I tried freehanding tips.

  8. I'm a new follower through PHD's weekly challenge. I like your tips. I thought about doing a different color for each nail, but now I'm glad I decided on one design. LOL

  9. love this!! it's like a mature skittle...can't wait to copy!

  10. @Mousie: Oh yes, you must try this sometime! The thing I loved about this is it meant minimal cleanup, so it was a very quick manicure!

  11. ooh i really like this mani! I'm going to try to practice this free hand too until it looks.. not messy.. i think doing this with a konad would be really annoying...

  12. Just landed here, and let me say, you have some of the most beautiful nails I've ever seen, not to mention the fingers.

    I love your designs, also. Definitely going to add you to my blogroll.

  13. @Pretty - Yup, it's just practice - and even then it's not always straight (check out my index/pointer finger) and of course my right hand doesn't turn out quite as nicely as my left!

    @Jules - Awww... thank you! There are many lacqueristas with even more gorgeous nails and hands out there!
    I just took a quick peek at your blog, and I must say, I wish I could have my nails that short and still look good. I love seeing people with shorter nails that look awesome - like yours.

  14. I love the skittles french!Great work!


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