Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shopping for nail decals

You've probably noticed that I sometimes use items on my nails that are not specifically designed for nail art - especially decals/transfers. Here's a quick look at some of what I've found.
**  Ustedes probablemente han notado que a veces utilizan los elementos de las uñas que no están específicamente diseñados para arte de uñas - especialmente calcomanías / transferencias. Aquí está un vistazo rápido a algunas de las cosas que he encontrado.


Joann's has them in the scrapbooking section. These ones are in a $1.00 section. You have to search carefully because they are mixed in with other items.
**  Joann los tiene en la sección de álbum de recortes. Éstos se encuentran en una sección $ 1,00. Tienes que buscar atentamente porque están mezclados con otros elementos.

I've used these ones before
**  He utilizado estos antes

Here are others from the same section:
**  Aquí hay otros de la misma sección:

The rest hang in different areas amongst stickers:
**  El resto cuelgan en diferentes áreas entre las etiquetas engomadas:


These decals are stickers and actually are for the nails - and were in the kids section:
**  Estas calcomanías están etiquetas engomadas y en actualidad son para las uñas - y se encontraban en la sección de niños:


Here they are also in the children's sticker section:
**  Aquí están también en la sección pegatina de los niños:

Temporary tattoos and rub-on decals
**  Tatuajes temporales y calcomanías "rub-on"

This is where I found the ones I used in this manicure:
**  Aquí es donde encontré los que usé en esta manicura:

Other stores where I have found various decals:
** Otras tiendas en que he encontrado calcomanías diferentes:


And a look at some of the fun manis with them!
** Y un vistazo a algunas de las manis de diversión con ellos!

Big Lots 

Dollar General



Big Lots

99c store


Dollar Tree

Big Lots

Big Lots


Dollar Tree, Big Lots



  1. Cool! I have pic #7 the pink and brown scrolls design. I haven't gotten a chance to play with them yet :)

  2. Nunca se me hubiera ocurrido usar las calcomanias de la seccion de manualidades! De hoy en adelante voy a echar un vistazo para ver si encuentro stickers asi de lindas como las tuyas ;)

  3. This is awesome! I've been searching but haven't really found anything. So glad you posted this!!

  4. All are amazing!!!And your nails - gorgeous!!!!

  5. this is GREAT information thank you. I love the bows up top!!

  6. Thanks for the tips on where to find those items, I've found a few at Big Lots but would like to find more.

  7. Ooooh, you are wonderful, thank-you! I went hunting for tatoos also the other day and found some in the "party" section at Wal-Mart....I plan to visit JoAnn's next, thank you very much!

  8. Hello,

    I stumbled onto your blog while I was Googling nail art stuff. I have access to all of the stores you listed. My question is HOW DO YOU DO THAT? If you have already posted the step by step instruction, please direct me to where I can find it or if you have a video tutorial on You Tube, please let me know how to find that or the link. The transfers you do are so crisp and clean like as if you never removed then from the sheet. Gorgeous! Absolutley Gorgeous !

    If you would like to message me, my email is :

    I hope to hear from you and thank you for sharing !


    1. Hi Heather,
      I really just follow the instructions on the package except I'm doing it on my nails. It's easier with the temporary tattoos than with the rub-ons. With the rub-ons I try to apply as much pressure as I can with my fingertips and then if they are still not releasing I use the rounded end of a brush or something similar. Of course with rub-ons the base polish has to be completely dry otherwise it will get indentations.
      I don't have a tutorial, I'm sorry, but maybe if you search youtube for "nail art rub-on decal/transfer" you'll find something.


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