Saturday, August 11, 2012

ABOP Franken, Blue shimmer from Sally Hansen and Ruby Kisses

Smooth ** Suave
Yes ** Si
ABOP Franken = Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day - Persistent Peony + Ruby Kisses HD - Schoolgirl Blue


I'm going through the tedious process of purging a large number of nail polishes, and was working on pinks today. In doing so, I rediscovered a stash of Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day colors that I kept because I like the bottles. They're all terribly separated, so I decided to pour off the clear at the top of my bottle of Persistent Peony and replace it with a blue from my frankening box - Ruby Kisses HD - Schoolgirl Blue. I wasn't expecting much but like the result after all.

** Estoy pasando por el proceso tedioso de depuración un gran número de esmaltes de uñas, y hoy estaba trabajando en los esmaltes rosas. Al hacer esto, volví a descubrir un alijo de colores Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day que me mantienen porque me gustan las botellas. Todos estan tremendamente separados, así que decidí echar fuera de la clara en la parte superior de mi botella de Persistent Peony y reemplazarlo con un azul de mi caja de frankening - Ruby Kisses HD - Schoolgirl Blue. Yo no esperaba mucho pero me gusta el resultado después de todo.

On the other hand, doing the same (with the same blue) with my bottle of Continuous Cocoa gave me this less attractive color:

** Por otro lado, haciendo lo mismo (con el mismo color azul) con mi botella de Continuous Cocoa me dio este color menos atractivo:


  1. Now you know, you can't go wrong with blue...LOL! I've seen the Ruby Kisses HD polishes but never gave them a try. I may need to pay them some attention.

  2. I'm loving the blue with the pink shimmer. I'm sure you can stamp over your other franken to bring out the best of it :)

  3. Stamping is rather a good idea!

  4. Wow, I love the shimmer! Awesome color :)

  5. Beautiful frankening! Love the pink shimmer! I agree the other silver-y one could make a great stamping polish or be stamped over :)

  6. Beautiful blue - reminds me of an ancient Urban Decay polish I still have somewhere :)

  7. Gorgeous! With a tinge of green it would almost be a dead on dupe of RBL Aqualily.


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