Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ABOP Franken - Shaded Teal

Smooth ** Suave
See photos ** Mira las photos
Abop Franken: Diamond Cosmetics (www.diamondcosmetics.com), Cosmetic Arts (Ross)

When I showed this other franken a while ago, I couldn't remember how I made it. I think I remember now though (black + Orly Green With Envy), because I have a similar one today. The recipe is really easy, and the photo shows exactly what I used. I started with  Cosmetic Arts - Wild Child?? (not sure that is the name) and added Diamond Cosmetics - I'm Raven About You - a few drops at a time till I got a color I liked. I've always wanted to take a set of neon colors and modify them with black.

** Cuando le mostré este otro franken hace un tiempo, no podía recordar cómo lo hizo. Creo recordar ahora, sin embargo (negro + Orly - Green with Envy), porque tengo uno parecido en la actualidad. La receta es muy fácil, y la foto muestra exactamente lo que yo hacía. Comencé con Cosmetic Arts - Wild Child?? (no estoy segura de que es el nombre) y Diamond Cosmetics - I'm Raven About You - unas gotas a la vez hasta que tiene un color que me gustaba. Siempre he querido tomar un grupo de colores neón y modificarlas con negro.

Diamond Cosmetics - I'm Raven About You, Cosmetic Arts - ?Wild Child?:

2 coats, no topcoat:
** 2 capas, sin capa final:

Finished off the manicure with one coat of Golden Rose Scale Effects #13 and topcoat:
** Acabó con la manicura con una capa de Golden Rose Scale Effects # 13 y una capa final:

** Luz de día:


  1. Super gorgeous! And of course loving the flakies!!!

  2. Loving this, the flakies are so pretty over your franken!

  3. Gorgeous, you always make the best frankens!

  4. sooo pretty!! me lo das?! hahahah jkn

  5. Of course I love this - green with flakies!!! <3

  6. Very pretty colour and I love the combination with gold flakies!

  7. Aw thanks, I can't wait either, Im trying to give my nails a rest though since half of them have broken in half the last couple of weeks.. I am quite sure I was inspired by a pic I had seen in your blog when I bought that green one, to be honest lol... Take Care xx

  8. What a lovely teal you made and the flakies look amazing over it. Very pretty!

  9. I love the picture series!

    The Cosmetics Arts might be Don't Moss Around, but don't quote me on that!


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