Monday, November 14, 2011

Barielle Protect Plus Color - Light Pink

Smooth ** Suave
2 at first, then 3  ** 2 al principio, luego 3
After adding the glitter.  ** Después de agregar el brillo
TJ Maxx


This is the third and final one the Barielle Protect Plus Color nail polishes. Unlike the first two, this needs 3 coats for full coverage. I added glitter to just one nail on my right hand after the manicure, but the next day added it to the rest of my nails. They looked like jewels!
**  Esta es la tercera y última parte de los esmaltes Barielle Protect Plus Color. A diferencia de los dos primeros, esto requiere 3 capas para cobertura completa. He añadido brillo a un solo uña de la mano derecha después de la manicura, pero al día siguiente lo añadió al resto de mis uñas. Parecían joyas!

2 coats:
** 2 capas:

3 coats:

** 3 capas:

Kleancolor - Chunky Copper, Starry Purple, Fuchsia Glitter, Nyx Girls - Enchanted Forest:

Barielle Protect Plus Color: Pink, Natural Beige, Light Pink:


  1. Whoa, they do look like jewels! Did you use a toothpick to place them? It doesn't look thick like I expected it to. Holy moly. I need to track down all those glitters.

  2. What a cool concept. Just when I think ABOP cannot amaze me more than it already has *bam* jaw-dropping nail art!

  3. Too bad the polish is sheer! But I love what you did with glitters!

  4. I love all these beige, nude and light pink colours! Wow, and the jewels looks well placed!

  5. I love the glitter tips! Might have to try that some time in the future.

  6. Looks great with the glitter tips!

  7. I love it, as always neutrals look lovely on u. Awesome that u put different hex glitters on each hand carefully, u have a lot of patience lol!!

  8. The glitter tips are super pretty. I'm gonna have to copy this for the holidays :D

  9. love the idea! delicate but fun! <3

  10. Seriously-do you have nothing better to do than place single glitter in a pretty row?? OMG!! I have not the patience you do my dear!!! I must admit that it does look awesome!!!

  11. I fell in love with this mani! It's so simple and in the same time it looks amazing!

  12. que bonito!! me gusta mucho! admiro tu me uviera frustrado despues de el primer uña LOL

  13. Pretty! I will have to try glitter tips like this.

  14. You know, this is really an awesome way to make a mani special when you aren't interested in getting involved in stamping and have the artistic ability of a turnip (Hi, I'm the turnip.). I have tons of glitters I rarely use as a full mani because the removal makes me insane, but I could do this (I hope, lol).

    1. Hi Sandi,
      It certainly is! It's a little time-consuming though. As far as glitter removal, wrapping in foil or even better, in the silicone rubber finger grip thingies (aka the Reesa method) makes glitter removal really easy.


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