Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 yellow leaves

Varied  ** Variado
3 of each **3 de cada
See photos ** Mira las photos
Essence - Sundancer: Ulta
OPI - The "It" Color: Swap with others from LA NB meetup.
Nyx Girls - My Sunshine: Local Beauty Supply
Bettina - Sunrise: Swap with Jossie
Sinful Colors - Pull Over: Walgreens


I'm trying to make my collection smaller and one good way to do that is by wearing similar colors together in a manicure. Here are five similar yellows.
** Estoy tratando de hacer mi colección más pequeña, y una buena manera de hacerlo es con el uso de colores similares juntos en una manicura. Aquí están cinco amarillos similares.

From pinky to thumb (Right to Left) below:
** Desde dedo meñique al pulgar (De derecha a Izquierda) abajo:
Essence - Sundancer, OPI - The "It" Color, Nyx Girls - My Sunshine, Bettina - Sunrise, Sinful Colors - Pull Over

I just received a few new plates from Magnonails, and was itching to try the leaf pattern on plate A20 - I've ALWAYS wanted this pattern! There are two on the same plate, one is the reverse of the other, and they are larger than the full nail patterns on the XL plates.
** Acabo de recibir algunas nuevas placas de Magnonails, y estaba ansioso por probar el patrón de la hoja de placa A20 - Siempre he querido este patrón! Hay dos en la misma placa, una es el reverso de la otra, y son más grandes que los patrones de uñas completo en las placas XL.

Stamped with Kleancolor - Military Green, with topcoat:
** Estampados con Kleancolor - Military Green, con capa final:


  1. wow I love that pattern soooowww much. It's so pretty, it fits with a silver necklace I once made.

  2. Wow. They're so similar! I like that pattern - it's so different.

  3. Those look very similar to me!! Lol! And that leave pattern is beautiful very fall!!

  4. nice yellow, you're inspiring me to start stamping

  5. These are, in a word, awesome. I want that image plate!
    I'm going to try the different shades look soon, I really like how it looks.

  6. Great mani! It looks like the Essence polish has the smoothest coverage.

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    @Vita - You're right, the Essence was the smoothest, and the only one that looked fine after 2 coats.

  8. This leaf pattern is great! I also love the yellows, they have a nice shade, I don't like neons.

  9. Yellows look great on your skin tone! and the stamping you did just makes it even more beautiful!!

  10. All these yellows look wonderful on you !

  11. I love that pattern and the colors!!!!


  12. That is an amazinf pattern, I need it now, and it looks fantastic with those colours.

  13. So beautiful for fall! It makes me think of when I was a kid and would dry out leaves :)


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