Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few more jelly-ish polishes

COATS: 3 of the green, 2 of all others
TOPCOAT?: Yes, after first photo.
SOURCE: Dollar Tree and beauty supply stores
COMMENTS: I decided to try out some of my polishes that seemed to have a more translucent/jelly finish to them. Later, I practiced my stamping on them using American Apparel Hassid.
From Thumb to pinky:
Mini Divas - Diva
Mini Divas - Sweetheart
Mini Divas - Princess
Color Las Vegas - Caesers Palace
Nyx Girls - Watermelon


  1. these are so beautiful. i had no idea the Diva polishes were jelly. i really love Princess, it lives up to its name.

  2. I really really like Diva & Princess! <3 So beautiful jellies. :) I love jellies, they looks like candies. :)

  3. Fabulous green!!
    I love the houndstooth French, too!!

  4. These are great! The only Diva polishes I've seen at my Dollar Tree is Star :(

  5. I love love love these colors! They look great together and make for a great mani :)

  6. Love the colors & design! Thanks for sharing

  7. These are so pretty, they make me think of Easter.


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