Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Golden Rose Paris - No. 88 - with flowers!

COMMENTS: Of course the base for this was the beautiful Golden Rose Paris - No. 88. I decided the next day to add some temporary tattoos I had found at Dollar Tree recently. Then hours later I added some glass microbeads.

I started with these and used the smaller flowers hiding at the bottom right corner of this photo: 

They're actually a continuous strip, so I counted out 10 and cut the section out:

Look - they printed the image on the back to help you with placement! Awesome!

Separated them with small scissors - 10 pieces.

And I have my brush and water ready:

Remove the protective layer from the front, turn upside down and stick to nail (yes, it has adhesive, this is why it would not work to apply it like a water decal)

I then use the brush to wet the backing so I can shape the tattoo backing to my nail - sticking the tattoo to my nail in the process.

After a little while (less than 30 seconds), the wet backing releases and slides off, leaving the tattoo on your nail:

Here all the nails are done. Let them dry completely.

Then add a nice thick layer of topcoat to seal them in:

I later added some microbeads:

Before topcoat:

After a final coat of topcoat to seal the beads:

I absolutely love this mani! I just took it off too, but it was still intact. Gorgeous payoff for a few simple steps! I'm so glad I can use these and rub-ons as alternatives to konad/fauxnad stamping!

UP NEXT: Another Golden Rose polish


  1. I love this colors...! I'll post soon a mani in those tones ;-)

  2. Yes, the colors together are to die for! It totally reminds me of Hawaii~

  3. This is just gorgeous! So pretty against that turquoise! The beads REALLY add flair! Love the pics.

  4. I need to take a trip to the Dollar Tree. I haven't been in a while. Very cute.

  5. I've just decided that you need to come live at my place and do my nails. These are just incredible. :)

  6. This is awesome! I never thought of using temp tats, amazing!

  7. You are so creative when it comes to manis!

  8. So great idea!


  9. Fantastic mani! Love the flowers <3

  10. Just seen this on your blog, Loving this manicure. I must look for some of these tatoos here. Thanks. xx

  11. I've used stickers before, but never tatoos, this is so pretty!

  12. holy crapp!! i had no idea u could do that!!! thanks for the info... def have to try this soon!!

  13. Seriously?! Tatoos how cool and beautiful. I would have never thought of this. Thanks for the great ideas!

  14. Wow, I never thought to use those temporary tattoos before. That is such an awesome idea. This mani is so adorable, too!


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