Friday, February 4, 2011

Golden Rose with Protein - No. 326

APPLICATION: Smooth,  like the previous one this had a gel-like consistency which I love because there's minimal cleanup required.
TOPCOAT?: Only after adding nail art.
COMMENTS: Another pretty one from Golden Rose, though from a different line in the brand than the one used on my previous mani. I added tattoos from the 99c store, but they weren't too visible. I later tried out another tattoo before taking off the mani.

These are pretty big, so I'll have to find creative ways to use them.

Not as opaque as I'd like. I will have to use a lighter background for these next time.

 Playing with more Dollar Tree tattoos.


  1. oh lawdy, i think i will be placing a golden rose order soon!

  2. I think orange looks great on brown skin. Love the tattoes must head on over at DT :)

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Hee hee! Make sure you look for swatches or real bottle pics of the ones you want first though. I think I might post swatches of the "not as expected" ones sometime soon.

  4. yep, i placed an order! its payday, after all!

  5. Beautiful polish! How was the application? It looks so smooth and flawless. I'm really tempted...

  6. Yeah, I definitely need to make a purchase from Golden Rose. Like, immediately.

  7. Wow another fantastic colour and great rub- ons.

  8. I love them! I went to a dollarama yesterday and tried to find some rub-ons but all they had were dog and cat-themed ones! =(

  9. @BMR: I think I responded directly to you, but just in case - the polish is on the thick side so applies kind of like a gel. This for me is easier because it stays where I put it and requires almost no cleanup as a result.

    I would say so, yes. It's got just enough pigment to keep it from being see-through at two coats.

    @Fey: I'm sorry! Look for temporary tattoos as well, which is what these are.


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