Monday, May 21, 2012

Magnonails XL Stampers available!

I purchased extra XL stampers in my last Magnonails order and have them up for sale on my Blog Sale page. US only, sorry. These are perfect for use with XL plates, especially the new DRK plates! They're $12 with  $3 shipping...

**  He comprado adicionales estampadores XL en mi orden Magnonails pasado y tenerlos a la venta en mi página de venta Blog. Sólo en EE.UU., lo siento. Estos son perfectos para usar con placas XL, especialmente las placas de DRK ! Son $ 12 con $ 3 para el envío ...


  1. Really? I've had more success with this one than with the Konad one because it's softer and works better with the curve of my nail. Are you using well-pigmented polish and picking it up by pressing straight down on the plate (rather than rolling it over the pattern)? Let me know, I'm interested to know what kinds of challenges people might be having with this kind of stamper.

  2. @saima if ur xl stamper is not working so well try to buff the silicon stamper it would a more sticky reveal s sticky surface and would help to pick up much better the designs..

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  4. I just received my order :) Wow! It's absolutely the BEST stamper ever! Thanks so much!

  5. Yo compré el estampador hace ya casi los 2 años y trabaja súper es excelente y estoy pensando en ordenar otro si es que aún tienes claro por que mi hermana quiere uno


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