Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zoya - Charla and Essence - Choose Me featuring Pure Ice - Unzip Me

TOPCOAT?: Not until after adding dots.
SOURCE: Zoya online store and Ulta respectively
COMMENTS: I put off wearing this (Zoya Charla) because it got so much attention when it came out. These are pretty similar and both gorgeous in  the bottle. They're just okay on me though, I didn't love the color(s) against my skin. Since I wasn't loving it, I added something I did love - dots! I used Pure Ice - Unzip Me for those as the yellow flecks were very similar to the ones in the base colors.
Note that the nail line was not visible in natural light.
L to R: Essence, Zoya, Essence, Zoya 


  1. Very pretty. I have swatched Charla and all the others myself after seeing it so much and I heard that it stains. Love it with dots :)

  2. Love this color combo! It looks so nice.

  3. i didn't know those were EXACT dupes. i have Charla and the OPI version. i'm glad i didn't get the essence one too.

  4. I'ts also a dupe for opi and orly!!
    I'm getting this wonder, can't wait to have it!

  5. WHOA!! your nails are so long and Beautiful..I miss my long nails =-( I love that Blue polish!

  6. You are the dot QUEEN! They always come out so perfectly! :) Very pretty!

  7. This is such a pretty mani! Your dots always come out perfect.

  8. You are making me a polka dot fanatic!!!! The yellow and blue look great together.

  9. Wow! Thanks for doing this comparison. I think I have Charla but I definitely don't have Choose Me (and was going to get it). They are so similar can't wait to try it. :)


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