Friday, October 8, 2010

My swatch tip bouqet

Yes, swatch tip bouquet, because it's not a bouquet of flowers, but it's just as gorgeous. This is one of the ways I choose what color to wear next. So many pretties...not including most of my frankens though - just what I have recorded in my spreadsheet. It always surprises me how many pinks and reds I have since those are the colors I wear least often.

Same photo, just rotated a bit. Don't forget you can click to see these super-sized!

I also have used my spreadsheet to make random choices before. A while ago I wore everything with 77 in either the item number or brand number. I've added quite a few polishes since then so  I should probably finish that up.

I think I may jump on the bandwagon and feature pink and green next in honor of breast cancer and depression awareness respectively. Okay, I'm off to shop from my stash!


  1. HOLY CRAP!! At first, those looked like ribbons, but this is so cool!

  2. @Megan: You just made me laugh so hard! I know, it's kinda crazy to think each of those represents a bottle.

  3. Insane bucket-o-fun!

    I love it!!!!

    I knew you had alot but...WOW.
    Thats alot of swatches ya got there.
    Where do you get yer nails?
    The places I get 'em are so expensive ;__:

  5. @AnnKiins: I used to buy the packs of 100 full set tips for $6 or so from Rite Aid, however I founnd a beauty supply store where I now get packs of 50 - in whatever size I want - for $0.35. So much cheaper, and I buy just size zero - the largest - so I can have a nice big swatch.

  6. That's awesome! What a great idea.

  7. Thats amazing! Like a piece of art!;-)

  8. They're so pretty! I can't wait to see what pinks and greens you come up with.

  9. OMG, I thought were flowers, ha ha ha many nails

  10. What do you glue them too? Those look like the wooden coffee stirrers.


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