Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love & Beauty - Imperial Blue comparison

This is for Nikki - some colors that are similar to Love & Beauty - Imperial Blue...
**  Esto es para Nikki - algunos colores que son similares a Love & Beauty - Imperial Blue...

Left to Right above, Thumb to Pinky below:
** De izquierda a derecha en la foto de arriba, pulgar al dedo meñique por debajo:
Love & Beauty - Imperial Blue, LA Colors - Static Electricity, Wet N Wild - Blueberry Fizz, Ulta - Blue Streak, Essie - Mesmerize

1 coat (** 1 capa):

2 coats (** 2 capas):

Ruby Kisses - Schoolgirl Blue, Ruby Kisses - Caribbean:

With (** Con) Tammy Elegant - Cloud Burst

At two coats, the ones that are most similar are Wet N Wild - Blueberry Fizz and Ulta - Blue Streak
** En dos capas, los que son más similares son Wet N Wild - Blueberry Fizz y Ulta - Blue Streak


  1. Wow a lot of similar blues! :-O

  2. so pretty blue with glitter

  3. very similar, great post, beautiful blue.

  4. The Essie wins for me, great blue!!!

  5. Lovely blog and lovely blue nail polishes :) You´ve got a new reader - me :D Sorry, my english is quite poor, i´ll do my best to make my comments possible to understand...

  6. This blue look like facebook, I love it!!!

  7. Wow Wet N Wild and Ulta appear exactly the same! I think the essie is my fav, yet the sparkly topcoat really evens it all out!

  8. Love it! Beautiful! Got to pick up Blueberry fizz:)


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