Friday, June 24, 2011

Simply Sweet - Beige with pink accent

COATS: 2 of each
TOPCOAT?: See photos please
SOURCE: Ross Dress for Less store
COMMENTS: Unlike the previous red mani with this brand, this one stayed intact for the three days I had it on. That means my ridge filler was to blame after all. I'm liking these polishes and saw two more packs with different colors (the larger bottles) at TJ Maxx on Saturday. I'm really liking jellies for the hot summer days - especially with topcoat!

The second pack has slightly smaller square bottles:

I did an accent nail with a color from the first pack to test longevity. 
2 coats, no topcoat: 

With topcoat:


  1. I like the pink one better, more bubblegum-like color!! Looks great on your nail!!!

  2. Look what I found,

    Maybe this is to your liking?

  3. And I tagged u for an award yesterday, here:

  4. Waay to sheer for my liking . Looks great though !

  5. i guess i will be going to ross tomorrow!

  6. This is neat. I keep looking at your nail line in awe. Mine don't look nearly that pretty. :P Digging it with the beige.

  7. I like this beige and how it looks on you!


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