Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monthly Mani-Fest May 2011

Another month has passed!
Here's a look back at all my manicures last month.
*To see an individual post, click on the link below the photo which interests you.

Pure Ice - Magic, and some glitter

Golden Rose with Protein - 329 and some bling!

Abop Franken - greyed purple and glitter

Dollah Dollah Jellies Y'all!

Essie - Turqoiuse and Caicos

Rerun - ABOP Franken

American Apparel - Hassid and ABOP Flaky Franken

Zoya - Veruschka and Nyx - Purple Ave.

ABOP Franken - Entertaining Show

ABOP Franken - Speckled Light Blue, and striping tape

Blush Disco Diva - Hustle

Not large enough, but still a win in my book!

Gifted Fraanken - My Favorite Creation 

 Orly - Glam Rock, and nail stickers


  1. Knowing what you can do with a dotting tool makes me want one of my own but I just don't have your ability or your immaculate nails....

  2. I love them all collected like this--I think "ooh, yes, I was going to copy that one, and that one, ..." :)

  3. I'm getting serious nail envy looking at all these!

  4. gorgeous manis!!! my favs are the golden stickers and dollar jellies :)

  5. Haha, every pic that I was like, "OMG WHAT IS THAT" turned out to be a franken ^.^

  6. Yaay! You added links. I didn't want to ask because I knew it was a lot of extra work. But it makes navigation easier because I want to try a lot of your designs. :B

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  8. ooh i can't really decide my favorite. I love this monthly mani idea. I need to catch up on my blog reading. haha this helps. so many nail mani inspirations.

  9. Very fashion!! Sorry but I'll copy to do by myself :) Visit me on >>

  10. Loveee the use of striping tape on the blue mani. I'll have to try that one :)


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