Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABOP Franken in progress - Speckled Green

After my last mixture, I was excited about the black glitter and decided to make a green version. I added too much black glitter, but  still love the outcome! I will have to wear this one for a full manicure soon.
**  Después de mi última mezcla, que estaba emocionado por el brillo negro y decidió hacer una versión verde. He añadido un poco de brillo negro demasiado, pero todavía me encanta el resultado! Voy a tener que usar este para una manicura completa en breve.


  1. That is a perfect amount of black glitter in the green franken! Maybe that's just my obsession with black glitter talking though...

  2. Oh! I love that. Do I see gold in there as well?

    1. Actually I also threw in some orange microglitter!

  3. Reminds me of mints and chocolate, nom nom! If u think that there is too much black glitter, empty some of the bottle contents and add, more of the colors, sorta to even out the ratio of color to glitter.

  4. Loooks nice, i like the colors:)

    Have a nice day!!!

  5. I like the green one! So pretty!

  6. The green is very pretty, with just the right amount of glitter!

  7. I prefer the more glitter in the black than the red. Both are great, but I like the green better.

  8. I THOUGHT there was more than just black glitter in there! My black glitter is flat...not bout yours? I love it, BTW!

  9. So Pretty...I'm liking the gold glitter...wish there was more of that in it??..maybe version 2!♥


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