Friday, January 13, 2012

Nail art from Michaels

I found this kit for body art and temporary tattoos at the craft store (Michaels).
** Encontré este kit para el arte corporal y tatuajes temporales en la tienda de artesanía (Michaels).

The body art items don't really interest me... ** Los elementos de arte corporal en realidad no me interesa ...

But the temporary tattoos do! There are three sheets of them.
** Pero los tatuajes temporales me interesan! Hay tres páginas de ellos.

A lot of them are too large to be used as one pattern, but they can be cut apart and the pieces used separately. For example, the sets of dots in the first pattern on the left, or parts of the owl on the right... I chose the little flower to play with.
** Muchos de ellos son demasiado grandes para ser utilizados como un patrón, pero se pueden cortar las piezas separadas y utilizarse por separado. Por ejemplo, los conjuntos de puntos en el primer patrón de la izquierda, o partes de la lechuza a la derecha ... Yo elegí la pequeña flor para jugar.

Took off the protective layer and placed it on my nail.
** Se quitó la capa protectora y lo puso en mis uñas.

Wet the backing with a large wet brush and then pressed it to the curve of my nail until it released from the backing paper.
** Mojar el soporte con un pincel grande mojado y luego se la llevó a la curva de la uña hasta que se libera del papel soporte.

Unfortunately it didn't transfer perfectly because I was taking photos and it moved in between photos.
** Desafortunadamente no la transferencia perfectamente porque estaba tomando fotos y se movía en medio de fotos.

Let it dry,  add a coat of topcoat, and it's all done!
** Deje que se seque, añada una capa de acabado, y se hace todo!

Here is one of my favorite manicures using this technique:
** Aquí está uno de mis manicuras favoritos usando esta técnica:
Golden Rose Paris - No. 88 - with flowers!


  1. Oooh, good thinking - I may keep my eye out for something like this!

  2. Neat! Michael's always has coupons too!

  3. thanks for showing the packaging. i've looked for them before because of your amazing posts but i could never find them. i'm gonna look again when i go back :)

  4. I was in a Dollar General and they have the tattoo books for $1. Some of the sheets are very similar to the set you are showing. I bought two of them to add to my arsenal. I get so many compliments when I use them...


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